Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Dental implants are a durable, natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures or bridges, dental implants provide a permanent, secure foundation for artificial teeth.
  • Dental implants function like natural teeth, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. They help maintain the structure of your jawbone, prevent bone loss, and preserve the integrity of your facial structure. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits.
  • At REVA Dental Implant Center, our expert team of Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists collaborates to ensure your dental implants are placed with precision and care, offering you the best possible outcome and a renewed smile.
  • Individuals with Missing Teeth: Whether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch, dental implants can provide a permanent and natural-looking replacement, restoring both function and aesthetics.
  • People Dissatisfied with Their Dentures: If your dentures are uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or inconvenient, dental implants offer a more stable and long-lasting solution that feels and functions like natural teeth.
  • Those with Partials: If you have partial dentures that only replace some of your missing teeth, dental implants can offer a more secure and comfortable alternative, eliminating the need for removable appliances.
  • Individuals with Multiple Crowns and/or Bridges: If you have had numerous crowns or bridges and are looking for a more permanent solution, dental implants can provide a stable and durable foundation, reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.
  • Even if You’ve Been Told You’re Not a Candidate Elsewhere: Our team of experts at REVA Dental Implant Center specializes in challenging cases. We use advanced techniques and technologies to help patients who have been previously told they are not candidates for dental implants.

At REVA Dental Implant Center, we are committed to providing personalized care and exploring all options to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your dental health and smile.

The REVA All-On-4® dental implant procedure is an innovative solution for those needing a full arch of teeth replacement. This method uses just four strategically placed implants to support a complete set of teeth, offering a stable and permanent alternative to traditional dentures. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Consultation and Planning:
    • Your journey begins with a thorough consultation where our specialists evaluate your oral health, take detailed 3D scans, and discuss your specific needs and goals.
    • We create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your preferences and health requirements.
  2. Implant Placement:
    • Four titanium implant posts are surgically inserted into your jawbone. These posts act as sturdy anchors, with two placed vertically at the front and two angled at the back for optimal support and stability.
    • This strategic placement minimizes the need for additional bone grafting procedures.
  3. Immediate Load:
    • On the same day as your surgery, a temporary set of teeth (approved by the FDA as permanent!) is attached to the implants. You leave our office with a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth, avoiding the inconvenience of being without teeth.
  4. Healing and Integration:
    • Over the next few months, the implants fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration, creating a solid foundation for your permanent custom zirconia teeth.
    • Follow-up appointments ensure proper healing and address any concerns.
  5. Custom Prosthesis:
    • Once the implants have fully integrated, a custom-made permanent zirconia set of teeth is crafted to look and function like natural teeth, providing excellent aesthetics and functionality.
    • The final prosthesis is attached to the implants, completing your new smile.
  6. Ongoing Care:
    1. Regular check-ups and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity of your implants and overall oral health. Our team provides comprehensive follow-up care to keep your new smile in optimal condition.

Benefits of the REVA All-On-4® Procedure:

  • Stability and Comfort: Unlike traditional dentures, the All-On-4® implants are fixed in place, offering superior stability and comfort.
  • Natural Appearance: The zirconia teeth are custom-designed to match your natural teeth in shape and color, ensuring a natural and attractive smile.
  • Immediate Results: With a functional set of teeth on the same day as the surgery, you can quickly regain your confidence and quality of life.
  • Bone Preservation: The implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss and maintaining the structure of your face. At REVA Dental Implant Center, our All-On-4® procedure combines the expertise of our Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists with advanced technology to provide a seamless and transformative dental experience. Our goal is to help you achieve a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting smile.

The REVA All-On-4® dental implant procedure is designed for efficiency and excellence, offering a new smile in a remarkably short time. With the concept of “All-On-4 – All in 4 hours,” here’s how the process works:

  1. Implant Placement Surgery:
    • Approximately 2-4 hours: On the day of the surgery, four titanium implant posts are strategically inserted into your jawbone. Immediately after the implants are placed, a temporary (approved by the FDA as permanent!) set of teeth is attached, allowing you to leave the office with a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth. This means you can achieve “All-On-4 – All in 4 hours.”

Benefits of the REVA All-On-4® Procedure: The REVA All-On-4® dental implant procedure is designed to provide exceptional value and transformative results for our patients. WE DON’T DELIVER SHORT-TERM RESULTS AT THE COST OF LONG TERM PATIENT OUTCOMES. Here are the key benefits that set REVA apart:

  1. Unmatched Expertise:
    • Dual-Specialty Approach: Benefit from the combined expertise of our Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists, ensuring precise implant placement and beautiful, natural-looking zirconia teeth.
  2. Efficiency and Convenience:
    • All-On-4 – All in 4 Hours: Achieve a complete smile transformation in just one day. Our streamlined process allows you to leave the office with a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth immediately after surgery.
  3. Comprehensive Care:
    • Personalized Treatment Plans: Each treatment plan is tailored to your unique needs and goals, ensuring optimal outcomes and a smile that suits you perfectly.
    • Full Support from Start to Finish: From the initial consultation to the final placement of your permanent teeth, our team provides continuous care and support.
    • No Hidden Costs: At REVA Dental Implant Center, we believe in transparency. Our pricing is clear and straightforward, with no hidden costs, ensuring you know exactly what to expect from the start.
  4. Advanced Technology:
    • State-of-the-Art Techniques and Technology: We utilize the latest dental technology and techniques to ensure the highest standards of care, resulting in superior implant stability and longevity.
    • 3D Imaging and Planning: Detailed 3D scans and advanced planning tools allow for precise implant placement and a custom-designed smile.
  5. Immediate Functionality:
    • Same-Day Teeth: Enjoy the benefits of a functional set of teeth immediately after your surgery, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence right away.
  6. No Shortcuts:
    • Proper Healing Time: Unlike some providers who deliver permanent teeth before the mouth has had time to heal, we ensure that the healing process is complete before final zirconia teeth are placed. This approach guarantees better long-term success and comfort.
  7. Long-Term Durability:
    • Permanent Solution: All-On-4® implants are designed to be a long-lasting solution, providing a stable and durable foundation for your new teeth with proper care.
    • Bone Preservation: Implants stimulate the jawbone, helping to prevent bone loss and maintain facial structure.
  8. Natural Aesthetics:
    • Custom-Designed Zirconia Teeth: Our zirconia teeth are crafted to match your natural teeth in shape and color, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking smile.
  9. Enhanced Quality of Life:
    • Improved Confidence: Experience a boost in self-confidence and overall quality of life with a smile that looks and feels natural.
    • Comfort and Stability: Unlike traditional dentures, All-On-4® implants provide superior comfort and stability, eliminating the worry of slipping or discomfort.
  10. Comprehensive Follow-Up Care:
    • Regular Check-Ups: We provide ongoing care to ensure the health and longevity of your implants, with regular check-ups and maintenance.
    • Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to your satisfaction and well-being, offering continuous support throughout your dental journey.

Proper care is essential to ensure the longevity and health of your dental implants. Here are the top three ways to care for your implants:

  1. Brush and Use a Waterpik Daily:
    • Brush Regularly: Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Make sure to clean all surfaces of your teeth and implants.
    • Use a Waterpik: Instead of flossing, use a water flosser (Waterpik) to effectively clean around your implants and gum line. This helps remove plaque and food particles that can cause gum disease.
  2. Use Antibacterial Mouthwash:
    • Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash daily to reduce bacteria in your mouth and prevent infection around the implants. This helps maintain a healthy oral environment and protects your implants.
  3. Schedule Yearly Cleanings:
    • Regular Dental Check-Ups: Schedule annual check-ups with REVA to monitor the health of your implants and surrounding tissues. Professional cleanings are essential to remove plaque and tartar buildup that you may miss during daily brushing and water flossing.

By focusing on these three key practices, you can ensure the long-term success of your dental implants and maintain a healthy, confident smile. At REVA Dental Implant Center, we are committed to providing ongoing support and care to help you preserve your new smile.

The dental implant procedure is designed to be as comfortable as possible, and many patients report minimal discomfort during and after the process. Here’s what you can expect regarding pain management:

  1. During the Procedure:
    • Anesthesia: At REVA Dental Implant Center, our procedures are overseen by trained anesthesiologists who provide sedation for patients. This ensures a relaxed and pain-free experience.
  2. After the Procedure:
    • Post-Operative Discomfort: It’s normal to experience some discomfort, swelling, and minor bleeding after the anesthesia wears off. This discomfort is typically manageable and similar to what you might experience after a tooth extraction.
    • Pain Management: Your dentist will prescribe or recommend over-the-counter pain medications to help manage any discomfort. Following the post-operative care instructions, such as applying ice packs to reduce swelling and eating soft foods, can also help.
  3. Healing Process:
    • Initial Healing: The initial healing phase lasts a few days to a week. During this time, any discomfort should gradually subside.
  4. Long-Term Comfort:
    • Stability and Function: Once the implants have fully integrated and the final prosthesis is placed, dental implants typically feel and function like natural teeth. Most patients find them to be comfortable and do not experience ongoing pain.

At REVA Dental Implant Center, we prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout the entire dental implant process. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care and effective pain management to ensure a positive experience and successful outcome. If you have concerns about pain or the procedure, we are here to address them and provide the support you need.

Dental implants are known for their high success rates and long-term reliability. Here’s an overview of the success rate and factors that contribute to it:

  1. High Success Rate:
    • General Success Rate: Dental implants have a success rate of approximately 95% to 98% for most patients. This means that the vast majority of implants integrate successfully with the jawbone and provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth.
  2. Factors Influencing Success:
    • Expertise and Technique: The experience and skill of the dental professionals performing the procedure significantly impact the success rate. At REVA Dental Implant Center, our dual-specialty approach, involving both Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists, ensures the highest standards of care and precision.
    • Patient Health: Overall health and oral hygiene play a crucial role in the success of dental implants. Patients who maintain good oral hygiene and manage health conditions such as diabetes are more likely to experience successful outcomes.
    • Bone Quality and Quantity: Adequate jawbone density and quality are essential for the successful integration of implants. In cases where bone loss has occurred, procedures like bone grafting can enhance the implant site’s suitability.
    • Post-Operative Care: Following post-operative care instructions and attending regular dental check-ups are vital for the long-term success of dental implants.

At REVA Dental Implant Center, we are committed to achieving the highest success rates for our patients through advanced techniques, expert care, and comprehensive follow-up. Our team works closely with each patient to ensure optimal conditions for implant success, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

Though it’s hard to put a price on the value dental implants can provide you, several factors figure into the cost. These include the need for bone grafting, tooth extractions, and the number of dental implants required. Without seeing a 3D scan, we can’t evaluate what we’d need to give you a ballpark estimate. REVA is extremely competitive in our pricing and committed to helping everyone get the smile they deserve.

  1. Financing Options:
    • Flexible Payment Plans: We offer flexible financing options to make dental implants more affordable. These plans allow you to spread the cost over time with manageable monthly payments.
    • Insurance Coverage: While most dental insurance plans do not cover the full cost of implants, they may cover parts of the procedure. Check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details.
  2. Value and Benefits:
    • Long-Term Investment: Dental implants may have a higher upfront cost compared to other tooth replacement options, but they are a long-term investment. With proper care, implants can last a lifetime, reducing the need for future dental work. This could be your last dental procedure of your life!
    • Improved Quality of Life: Dental implants provide superior functionality, aesthetics, and comfort compared to dentures or bridges, enhancing your confidence and overall well-being.

Our team at REVA can help you determine your actual cost during a consultation at your closest location. Schedule your visit soon to get a personalized cost estimate and discuss financing options to make your dental implant journey as affordable and stress-free as possible.

Yes, dental implants can still be an option if you have experienced bone loss in your jaw. At REVA Dental Implant Center, we have advanced techniques and procedures to address bone loss and ensure successful implant placement.

At REVA Dental Implant Center, our team of Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists is experienced in managing cases with bone loss. During your consultation, we will evaluate your specific situation using advanced imaging technology and create a personalized treatment plan to address bone loss and achieve successful implant placement. If you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants due to bone loss, schedule a consultation at your closest location to explore the options available to you. We are committed to providing solutions that restore your smile and improve your quality of life.

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