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Kellie - dermal fillers patient
"I Feel So Much More Confident Because Of Dermal Fillers."

Dr. Swarbrick:

From the beginning we wanted to treat Kellie like family. She’s such a sweet person and she had some things that we thought we could help her with.

From the beginning we wanted to treat Kellie like family.

Dr. Swarbrick with dental patient kellie


It was my daughter’s graduation coming up and I hate being in front of the camera, and I just want a little boost of confidence. My sister, she just loved Dr. Swarbrick to death, and so I knew I would, too.

Dr. Swarbrick:

Through the consultation process, we talked her about the things that we could do and some changes that she could expect afterwards. She was excited to move forward with her treatment.


When I came in for my consultation, he was very helpful in helping me target what I really wanted to get done, specifically cost and procedure, totally explained everything super professionally, made me feel super comfortable.

Dr. Swarbrick:

We’re able to to take care of those cosmetic issues, and the results were awesome and get her into a better place where she is much happier today.


He totally nailed. Felt so much more confident in pictures, and just changed the way I felt about myself. After my procedure was over, I knew he really cared about how I felt. He was following me up with post-op pictures, and making sure I felt like it was a great result.

I’m in the beauty industry, actually. I’m making people feel good all the time. I know that they can always use that little boost of confidence. If I had a friend, a sister, whoever, I would totally recommend Dr. Swarbrick.

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